Communications Center


Communications Operators work a 42 hour work week. Each works a fixed schedule of 3 (12) hour shifts and a (6) hour shift.

A Shift: 7am - 7pm Sun-Tues; 7am -1pm Wednesday
B Shift: 1pm - 7pm Wed; 7am - 7pm Thurs - Saturday
C Shift: 1am - 7am Tues; 7pm - 7am Wed - Friday
D Shift: 7pm - 7am Sat - Mon; 7pm - 1am Tuesday

During the Summer Months 17 additional personnel are added.
These include call takers, data operators for NCIC, and radio channel operators.

Shifts for seasonal personnel vary. Call takers work either 4 (10) hour shifts or 3 (12) hour shifts and a (4) hour shift.